Grilles.exe (Program to create Chord grids) Version 4.04                                               Reception


Please read before installing !                                                                                      


Although the program itself is in French, it should not be a problem to a musician. An English help is included in the '?' menu.


If requested, I will give the buttons translation on the web site. In any cases, help will be found here :


Grilles.exe is written with Visual Basic 6. The installation is very simple for the main part, but some Windows files from Microsoft are not always present on a PC. Your current version may also be too old.


The program works fine on XP though Win 7. There were some minor glitches on Win 7,

but they are corrected in version 4.0.


If the program does not start after the copying, and a message is displayed such as 'xxxx.DLL missing' or 'OLEAUTO32.DLL obsolete', then you must download the following program from Microsoft Web site. There is a link to it on our web page too.


Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Module SP5 6.00.8964


You must then start this program ONCE from the directory where you downloaded it.

Use 'Start', 'Execute', search for the program VBrun60sp5.exe, and run it.


You may also need to download VB6fr.dll and move it to 'System32' or 'SysWOW64' (64 bits systems)




For the grids to be readable, the screen size must be at least 800*640 (Svga)

and 256 colors.


Mandatory main installation.



The downloaded program is just one executable named Grilinst.exe. There are also two help files, the one you are reading, and a standard descriptor file id.diz. (Those two files are only used before installing.)


Create with Windows Explorer a directory to put the programs, like :


C:\Program Files\Grilles


Use 'Start' 'Execute' menu, search for the program Grilinst.exe where you had it downloaded, and run it.


On the displayed form, change the default directory if it does not suit you, and then click on 'Unzip'.


This will uncompress the needed files into the chosen directory.


No 'compatibily' option should be necessary for Grilles.exe on Windows 7 (32 or 64)


You must now move the file VB6FR.DLL from this directory to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, by dragging it there.

For XP, Vista, and Win 7 32 bits : C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 

For Windows 7 64 bits : C:\Windows\SysWOW64


If the file already exists in C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM, DO NOT REPLACE IT!


The file can also be found on :


Versions 2.4 (+) includs a specific font file 'Grilles font.ttf'. This font should be installed before using the program, although it will work without it, but spécial characters will not be sizable.

To install, start Windows's control panel, click on 'font' and use the 'add new font' item in the menus. Search for the above .ttf file and say OK.

On Windows 7, just right click on the .ttf file, and select 'Install'


Then you must select this new font in the Program printing parameters.





* To easily start the program, you should create an icon on the desk and/or start menu.


The simplest way is just to use the explorer again, and to go into the install



Then click on Grille.exe, right click and select 'Copy'.

Right click on the desk (Background of the screen), and select 'Paste Shortcut'.

You can then rename the shortcut to leave only the name of the program.


If you would rather have the program into the Start Menu, click with the RIGHT  mouse button on the 'start' menu, and select 'Open'


Open the desired sub-directory, or create one if you like, and then move the icon from the desk to this directory. Or right click again and select 'Paste shortcut'.


* To start automatically and load the Chord file xxxx.har, when you double-click on it, prepare your system as follow:


         1) Find a chord file (Petite_Fleur.har is delivered as example)

         2) Click once on the file with the left mouse button.

         3) Maintain SHIFT pressed, and click with the RIGHT mouse button on the file.

         4) In the opened menu, choose 'Open With...'

         5) Check the box 'Always open with that program'

         6) Give a significant name to this file's type, like 'Music Grids'

         7) Select 'Other', and enter the full path name of 'Grilles.exe'


If the specific extension .har is already attributed to another application, like Notepad, then


         - Open the Explorer

         - In the 'Display' menu, select 'File options'

         - Find the entry with the .har extension, by selecting all likely type

                   until you find the right one with .har extension.

         - When found, click on 'Delete', and start the above procedure.


* Printing parameters.


Most of the page parameters for the printer should be OK, but you can set your own in the program and save them. The 'Prelistening' parameters are saved along the printing parameters.

You can now use several parameters file, but Grilles.ini in the same directory as Grilles.exe is the one used when the program starts.

The program may not start on XP SP2 if no printer exists on the system. A dummy Generic/Text only printer must be created.


The program display now the standard 'Printer' form, allowing to choose the printer and some parameters at print time.


Note that the 'NB' option (Black and white), creates a pure 2 colors print, while the 'Grey' option on the printer prints red as grey, which may be difficult to read in some locations (Concert room)


A message 'Invalid Peripheral' may appears when the program starts. It is not a fatal problem. You must just enter the parameter screen, select a valid sound device and save the parameters to correct the problem. The program will work anyway, but not play any sound if you do not correct the problem.